Twitch / YouTube / Gaming FAQ

How long have you been streaming?

I started streaming in December of 2012! You can check out what one of the earliest streams was like here *shudder*

Why did you start streaming on Twitch?

Short version: djWHEAT got me started! We connected via Twitter, became friends, he got me up and running and the rest is history. If you want the story behind how WHEAT and I met you can read it here!

When do you stream?

I stream Wednesdays from 5-8PM EST – and casually from my console at home whenever I can!

Will you stream more often?

I really wish I could! When I first started I streamed a LOT more, but the frequency at which I streamed didn’t allow me the balance I need to provide for my family. The schedule I had was a lot of fun, but wasn’t exactly prioritized. 🙂 Just like everything else I learned from it, and it led me to focusing on my YouTube channel more. The flexible nature of YouTube allows me to be as frequent as I’d like, without the tough schedule. The reality is I spend a lot of time running my businesses, traveling for speaking, and creating content because that is how I make a living! Streaming is a hobby for me which does generate some revenue, but not enough for me to go full time with it. I really enjoy growing the channel/community and have set goals for it and treat it just like any other business. Even if I didn’t make any money from Twitch I would still do it because I really enjoy playing games and interacting with the awesome community we have built.

How often do you post videos on YouTube?

My goal is always to post 2 gaming videos per day on my channel, with a Channel Update Vlog every Monday. Depending on my travel schedule 99% of the time I hit the goal 80% of the time. 😉

When will you make more videos with KYRSpeedy/Jahova/SideArms?

Soon…actually I have no idea! Tweet Speedy, Hova, or SideArms and see if they can give you an answer.

Will you ever do a series on, or stream ____?

I always love hearing about the games you like to play and would like to see on my channel. The best way to get me to play the game you want on YouTube/Twitch is to suggest it to me! You can do it here by telling me the game, and why! If I play the game on one of my channels because of you I’ll give you a shout-out!

Do you ever play games with the community?

Yes – I try to plan special nights every few months for the community to play together!

How can I add you on Steam?

After getting trolled in a game or two of CS from people on my friends list, I no longer add people. But please join our Steam group! Sometimes I am randomly looking for a few people for CS, and will ask people there to play.

How can I add you on Xbox One?

Gamertag: DanGheesling

Will you play “X” game with me?

Maybe! The best thing to do though is join us for the Community Play Date!

Will you ever do another series on Minecraft?

Minecraft will always have a special place in my gaming heart. It was the first game I ever streamed (with the Beard) and is my longest series on YouTube with 200+ episodes. If I ever were to do another series, it would be most definitely be modded, and not 200 episodes long. It would be cool to do a Dungeons & Dragons or an Outer Space type mod – something that would really change the enemies/environment/items/abilities in the game. If you want to suggest a Mod Pack you can do it here.

What kind of computer do you use?

A custom built one! I have been around computers since I was 3 so I like to build my own. All of the specs on my current computer are available here.

What headset do you use?

Turtle Beach – PCXB1

What is your favorite game of all time?

I could never pick just one. If I had to pick a Top 3 it would be Fallout 3, Ultima Online, and The Binding of Isaac.

Some of my favorites by Genre are: Newer – [Older]

Action: Dark Souls 2

Indies: The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky

Retro: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Megaman, Metroid, Shinobi, Castlevania

FPS: Counter Strike – [Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Heretic/Hexen, RoTT]

MMO: WoW – [Ultima Online, Shadows of Yserbius, The Realm]

Space Sim: Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous – [Wing Commander Series]

Adventure: The Walking Dead – [Space Quests, Kings Quests, Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion]

MOBA: Never really got into them :-/

Sports: NCAA Football, Madden – [NBA Jam]

Steath: Metal Gear Solid Series

Mobile: Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering & FTL